Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Austin 11-1300

This is a list of some of the parts we have in stock for this car.
  Part Number Description Remarks Info
 352985 Clip plastic   
 401506 Sill inner   
 ACA9573KRoller foot joints  
 ACA9671Bump stop round  
 ACA9673Tray battery  
 ACA9741Bump stop square  
 ACA9803Grommet rubber  
 ACA9837Mounting remote  
 ACA9857Gaiter displacer  
 ACA9941Buffer rear  
 ADA5655Bumper rear 1100 MK1  
 AHU1028Sender unit 1100  
 BTA1240Swivel hub  
 BTA1241Swivel hub  
 BTA365Arm steering  
 BTA366Disk brake  
 BTA374Drum brake  
 BTA656Bracket RH  
 BTA657Bracket LH  
 CZA1338A post RH  
 CZA1339A post LH  
 CZA1347Front panel  
 CZA160Sill RH  
 CZA1605Subframe rear  
 CZA161Sill LH  
 CZA1728Bonnet 1100  
 CZA2298Inner wing  
 CZA2537Bumper rear  
 CZA254Rear wheel arch RH  
 CZA255Rear wheel arch LH  
 CZA2560Emblem 1300  
 CZA2735Panel stiffener LH  
 CZA2738Panel stiffener RH  
 CZA4104Front panel  
 CZA418Rear valance  
 CZA4480Sill outer RH  
 CZA4481Sill outer LH  
 CZA4482Sill outer RH 4-dr.  
 CZA4483Sill outer LH 4-dr.  
 CZA6023Rear valance  
 CZA822Front panel  
 CZA8310Wing front RH  
 CZA8311Wing front LH  
 CZA8419Inner wing LH  
 GBH106Brake hose  
 GBH117Brake hose  
 GBH162Brake hose  
 GBH179Brake hose  
 GBS734Brake shoes  
 GEX148Exhaust system  
 GHK1009Bearing kit rear  
 GMC175Master cylinder  
 GRC126Cap filler  
 GRK2012Kit repair  
 GSD105Speedo cable  
 GVC1018Hand brake cable  
 T329 74Wing edge RH  
 T329 75Wing edge LH  
 18G8068Kit repair  
 18G8072Kit repair  
 18G8326Brake lining  
 18G8829Fastener kit  
 24G3053Door stop  
 31G312Mount. front subframe rear Photo
 31G313Mount. rear subframe front RH -
 31G314Mount. rear subframe front LH -
 31G315Mount. rear subframe rear RH -
 31G316Mount. rear subframe rear LH -
 31G369Mount. front subframe front -
 31G370Mount. front subframe upper -
 31G667Acc. cable  
 31G790Emblem steering wheel  
 31G791Emblem steering wheel  
 34G1068Emblem bonnet 1100 MK1  
 34G2065Battery bar  
 34G3755Battery box  
 37H6406Lever handbrake  
 37H6407Lever handbrake  
 37H7217ECaliper RH 11/1300 MK2  
 37H7218ECaliper LH 11/1300 MK2  
 401500 1Sill outer  
 401500 2Sill outer  
 401501 1 Sill outer  
 401506 1Sill inner  
 401506 2Sill inner  
 401507 1Sill, closing panel  
 401507 2Sill, closing panel  
 401508 1Sill  
 401508 2Sill  
 401510 2Door skin  
 401538 1Panel  
 401538 2Panel  
 401541 1Panel  
 401541 2Panel  
 401556 1Panel  
 401556 2Panel  
 8G4248Tie rod  
 8G7135Radius arm kit  
 88G341Hub cover