Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Austin Morris 1800

This is a list of some of the parts we have in stock for this car.
  Part Number Description Remarks Info
 AHU2242 Seal oil   
 BTB1249 Pinion   
 BTB624Disc brake  
 CZD1005Front valance 1800 MK2  
 ES50Seal windscreen  
 GCC163Cover clutch  
 GCD103Driveshaft coupling  
 GEG806Gasket set gearbox  
 GEX1298Exhaust pipe front  
 GEX3363 Silencer rear  
 GFE1012Air filter  
 GRB117Bearing release  
 LUF10002Seal oil  
 L54578864Side light  
 11H1190Cable handbrake  
 11H1610Engine mounting Pic
 11H1643Engine mounting -
 11H1648Engine mounting -
 12H4211Valve inlet  
 13H2876Seal oil  
 22H1177Converter plate  
 22H837O ring  
 27H8252Joint outer  
 37H3836Lens rear  
 37H6043Arm wiper  
 403008 2Sill inner RH 1800  
 48G535Kit repair  
 8G8885Kit repair