Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Repair Panels
- And how they fit together

Repair panels 1 and repair panels 2 shows most of the panels available.

We have "assembled" some of these and made this page to show how the parts connect.

The complete panel and its parts are shown. All parts and part numbers shown is for left hand side.

CHS102, CHS102A, CHS208, CHS941

CHS102 chassis leg with tower
CHS208 chassis leg without tower
CHS941 chassis leg repair
CHS102A tower for chassis leg
CHS108 bracket for tie bar is also available.

CHS124, CHS718, CHS125

CHS124 centre crossmember
CHS718 crossmember end
CHS125 jacking bracket
CHS124 is laminated as the original. Also available in solid plate and the part number is then CHS124A.

CHS102, CHS124

CHS102 chassis leg and CHS124 centre crossmember connected.

CHS104, CHS105, CHS106, CHS295

CHS104 tie plate
CHS105 top front crossmember
CHS106 bottom front crossmember
CHS295 tie plate extension.

CHS102, CHS104, CHS105, CHS106, CHS295

CHS104 – CHS105 – CHS106 – CHS295 connected on CHS102 chassis leg.

CHS102, CHS104, CHS105, CHS106, CHS295



CHS280 full half floor with step.

CHS204, CHS261, CHS713, CHS715

Parts of CHS280:
CHS713 floor front
CHS715 floor rear
CHS204 door step
CHS261 is the special strengthener only used for Traveller and Tourer. It is fitted close to the door step.

CHS102, CHS104, CHS105, CHS106, CHS280, CHS295

CHS280 full floor placed.

CHS110, CHS110A

CHS110 wheel arch front
CHS110A rear of CHS110.

CHS102, CHS104, CHS105, CHS106, CHS110, CHS280, CHS295

CHS110 fitted.


CHS120 panel front side inner.

CHS111, CHS111A, CHS114

CHS112 flitch
CHS112A flitch repair
CHS114 extension flitch.

CHS102, CHS104, CHS110, CHS112, CHS114, CHS120, CHS280, CHS295

CHS112 flitch, CHS114 flitch extension and CHS120 panel front side inner fitted.

CHS110, CHS112, CHS114

CHS112 and CHS114 seen from outside.

CHS141, CHS253

CHS141 boxing plate
CHS253 boxing plate extension.

CHS267, CHS284, CHS724

CHS284 rear inner wing
CHS267 repair panel rear inner wing
CHS724 repair panel rear inner wing rear.


CHS284 rear inner wing placed.

CHS253, CHS284, CHS708

This is how CHS284, CHS253 and CHS708 connect.

CHS147, CHS253, CHS284, CHS708

Here CHS147 side panel is fitted.

CHS147, CHS245, CHS259, CHS259A, CHS731

CHS147 side panel
and smaller parts of this:
CHS259 rear inner wing flanges
CHS259A extended rear inner wing flanges
CHS731 panel side repair, between door and rear wing
CHS245 B-post repair.

CHS253, CHS259A, CHS284, CHS708

CHS254, CHS717, CHS726A

CHS726A rear apron
CHS717 spring hanger rear
CHS254 rear panel, under boot lid.

CHS254, CHS717, CHS726A

CHS726A rear apron, CHS254 rear panel and CHS717 rear spring hanger fitted.

CHS245, CHS731

CHS731 side panel repair
CHS245 B-post repair.

CHS141, CHS245, CHS731, CHS733

CHS731 side panel and CHS245 B-post repair panel fitted.

CHS118, CHS206, CHS293, CHS300, CHS737

CHS118 door pillar
CHS737 cloaking panel
CHS293 hinge post repair
CHS206 bracket fron inner wing
CHS300 bracket wiper motor.


CHS118 door pillar fitted.

CHS143, CHS145

CHS145 kick plate
CHS143 sill finisher.

CHS143, CHS145

CHS145 kick plate and CHS143 sill finisher is fastened to CHS733 with 1/4” bolts.

CHS141, CHS143, CHS145, CHS280, CHS706, CHS733


CHS121 crossmember shock absorber front.

CHS110, CHS121, CHS295

CHS121 crossmember shock absorber front fitted.