Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

List of Parts Produced in Sri Lanka

Updated 2008.11.11
Part no.DescriptionPrice DKK
10G206Pinion Speedometer265
10G207Bush assembly pinion188
10M101REngine 1098cc reconditioned10500
10M162Pulley crankshaft266
10M217Bush rubber6
10M220Elbow water outlet115
10M220AElbow water outlet 1,3 engine189
10M274Plate pressure 9M28730
10M296Blade fan125
10M298Fan blade stiffener49
116E6068Gearbox mount. Ford305
11H1051Hub cap tool44
11H1610Engine mounting 1800460
11H1643Engine mounting 1800460
11H1648Engine mounting 1800460
11H5133Bush Austin Ambassador290
121699Compensator Triumph175
12A5Bracket for spring accelerator24
14A7557Rear lamp post R Mini pick up339
14A7558Rear lamp post L Mini pick up339
14A7930Hose drain door Mini = RAD104 
14A8152Cowl van tank neck MINI339,00
150583Bump stop rear GT6 rotoflex73
1G1316Engine mounting A40140
1G2623Spacer carburettor147
20S56001Rubber mount Vanguard58
21H5833Gearbox mounting 1,3159
21H6218Bump stop 1,3196
22G245Gearbox mount. 11/1300268
24G5752Bar battery54
264829PRear lens Mini pick up400
264829PCRear lens Mini pick up clear400
27H6983Screw air filter55
31G1227Engine mount rear 11/1300215
31G312Mounting subframe rear 11-1300257
31G313Mounting subframe front R 11-1300239
31G314Mounting subframe front L 11-1300239
31G315Mounting subframe rear R 11-1300239
31G316Mounting subframe rear L 11-1300239
31G369Mounting subframe front 11-1300266
31G370Mounting subframe upper 11-1300267
515299 Ring master cylinder Triumph39
518030Lamp cover number plate Triumph324
576453PWing front LH Dolomite 
576454PWing front RH Dolomite 
612617Locator plate24
703801Grille Herald 1200311
705883Rear valance LH Herald435
705884Rear valance RH Herald435
712567Bracket L77
712568Bracket R77
714767Frame front screen Spitfire 
715865Chassis leg Dolomite L605
715866Chassis leg Dolomite R605
813944APanel bulkhead LH/LHD260
84637Gearbox mount. Morris 8260
903866Panel Dolomite L1781
903867Panel Dolomite R1160
903931Panel Dolomite L354
903932Sill reinf. Dolomite354
9G147Cone synchronizing 
9M102REngine block recond. 
AAA1383Bolt shock absorber arm56
AAA1510Bracket brake hose12
AAA1736 Plate pedal clutch64
AAA2347Bulb holder van number pl.121
AAA2368ABolt kit upper shock absorber van58
AAA3246Strip rubber door window28
AAA3627Bush shackle Van12
AAA3890Hook battery bar20
AAA4040Rubber sealing cover van52
AAA4041Lens van number plate39
AAA4074Plate spare wheel pick-up 
AAA4077Rear window pick up343
AAA4079Clamp spare wheel0
ACA6018Tie rod = STR127260
ACA9671Bump stop round 11-1300121
ACA9741Bump stop square 11-1300110
ACA9941Buffer rear 11-1300121
ACH8490Sleeve rubber41
ACP101 Accelerator pedal LHD364
ACP102Rubber accelerator15
ADA1801Clip plate headlining12
ADA2860Rubber LMP122 base to wing75
ADA2861Rubber LMP123 base to wing75
ADA3594 Support facia tray258
ADA3891Plate number plate front62
ADA4374Plug sunvisor aperture34
ADA456Strap rear doors van28
ADA531Bumper rear Van 1098cc108
ADA683Plate number rear62
ADA897Hinge bonnet side valve RH314
ADA898Hinge bonnet side valve LH314
AFA564Rubber seal side window Tr37
AIR111Hose air cleaner to cover38
AIR123ABase plate air filter318
AIR125Hose air cleaner to cover38
AJA5082Gasket filler cap18
ALA5528Valance support R Mini180
ALA8623Valance support L Mini180
ALY107Body side front R260
ALY108Body side front L260
ALY109Body side rear R200
ALY110Body side rear L200
ALY113Plate rear door R210
ALY114Plate rear door L210
BDH4144Buffer glove box lid12
BLF105Hinge boot lid R291
BLF106Hinge boot lid L291
BLF107Gasket boot lid hinge10
BLF108ABoot lid seal early106
BLF109Plate lock stricker108
BLF109APlate lock striker side valve118
BLF109BPlate tapping28
BPF131Hinge bonnet R314
BPF132Hinge bonner L314
BPF133Washer hinge to bonnet10
BPF134Washer hinge to body10
BPF135Buffer bonnet22
BPF136Buffer dash12
BPF137Beading bonnet R182
BPF138Beading bonnet L182
BRP1106Rivet split5
BTA656Bracket R229
BTA657Bracket L229
CBS130Brake pedal 310
CBS137Bolt master cyl. fitting16
CHF105Rail finishing timber645
CHF106Stick front timber early1416
CHF107Stick front timber late1416
CHS101Chassis leg R880
CHS101ATower R210
CHS102Chassis leg L880
CHS102ATower L210
CHS103Tie plate R155
CHS104Tie plate L155
CHS105Top front crossm.75
CHS106Lower front crossm.84
CHS107Bracket tie bar R99
CHS108Bracket tie bar L99
CHS109Wheel arch front R800
CHS109ARear of 109120
CHS110Wheel arch front L800
CHS110ARear of 110120
CHS111Flitch R400
CHS111AFlitch repair R236
CHS111BFlitch top repair R168
CHS112Flitch L400
CHS112AFlitch repair L236
CHS112BFlitch top repair L168
CHS113Extension flitch R85
CHS114Extension flitch L85
CHS115Tube and stud R200
CHS116Tube and stud L200
CHS117Pillar hinge R225
CHS118Pillar hinge L225
CHS119 Panel front side inner R280
CHS120Panel front side inner L280
CHS121Shock abs. crossm. Front610
CHS122Battery box290
CHS124Crossmember centre460
CHS124ACrossmember centre solid460
CHS125Bracket jacking90
CHS127Plate boxing 4-door R190
CHS128Plate boxing 4-door L190
CHS129Finisher sill 4-door R110
CHS130Finisher sill 4-door L110
CHS131Kick plate front 4-d. R95
CHS132Kick plate front 4-d. L95
CHS133Kick plate rear 4-d. R90
CHS134Kick plate rear 4-d. L90
CHS135Panel boot lid closing2191
CHS138Br. Rear spring front R110
CHS139Br. Rear spring front L110
CHS140Plate boxing R190
CHS141Plate boxing L190
CHS142Finisher sill R85
CHS143Finisher sill L85
CHS144Kick plate R100
CHS145Kick plate L100
CHS146Panel rear side R3371
CHS147Panel rear side L3371
CHS201Boxing plate van R170
CHS202Boxing plate van L170
CHS2032-door step R265
CHS2042-door step L265
CHS205Front inner wing br. R90
CHS206Front inner wing br. L90
CHS207Chassis leg R800
CHS208Chassis leg L800
CHS209Door skin rep. 4-d. RHF200
CHS210Door skin rep. 4-d. LHF200
CHS211Door frame rep. 4-d. RHF170
CHS212Door frame rep. 4-d. LHF170
CHS213Door skin rep. 4-d. RHR170
CHS214Door skin rep. 4-d. LHR170
CHS215Door frame rep. 4-d. RHR150
CHS216Door frame rep. 4-d. LHR150
CHS217Radiator cowl repair panel120
CHS218Chassis frame Van8000
CHS219Cab rear panel top601
CHS220Cab rear panel lower601
CHS223Step van R272
CHS224Step van L272
CHS225Front chassis leg van R400
CHS226Front chassis leg van L400
CHS229Body floor side R550
CHS230Body floor side L550
CHS231Van wheel arch rear500
CHS233Rear panel pick-up580
CHS234Rear panel van450
CHS235Rear panel inner van345
CHS236Rear chassis end R425
CHS237Rear chassis end L425
CHS238Van wing edges R110
CHS239Van wing edges L110
CHS240Light cluster R150
CHS241Light cluster L150
CHS242B-post Traveller R140
CHS243B-post Traveller L140
CHS244B-post saloon R85
CHS245B-post saloon L85
CHS246B-post 4-door and Van150
CHS248B-post 4-door R 
CHS249B-post 4-door L 
CHS250C-post 4-door R160
CHS251C-post 4-door L160
CHS252Boxing plate ext. R106
CHS253Boxing plate ext. L100
CHS254Saloon rear panel240
CHS255Towing bracket rear55
CHS256Rear inner w.rep. Trav. R212
CHS257Rear inner w.rep. Trav. L212
CHS258Rear wing flanges R200
CHS258AExt. rear wing flanges R260
CHS259Rear wing flanges L200
CHS259AExt. rear wing flanges L260
CHS260Sill strenghtener R168
CHS261Sill strenghtener L168
CHS262Filler pipe cover Van205
CHS263Chassis rear x-member180
CHS264X-member shocker366
CHS265Tank support Van120
CHS266Rear inner wing rep. R130
CHS267Rear inner wing rep. L130
CHS268Boot well catch bracket132
CHS269Floor seat bracket short60
CHS270Floor seat bracket long62
CHS271Boot lid repaired1703
CHS272Valance rear Traveller142
CHS273Sill finisher Van R86
CHS274Sill finisher Van L86
CHS275Cab ½ floor with step R650
CHS276Cab ½ floor with step L650
CHS279Full ½ floor with step R810
CHS280Full ½ floor with step L810
CHS283Inner wing rear 2-d. R700
CHS284Inner wing rear 2-d. L700
CHS285Bracket B-post Tourer R105
CHS286Bracket B-post Rourer L105
CHS287Inner wing rear Trav. R700
CHS288Inner wing rear Trav. L700
CHS289Boot lid repair panel360
CHS290Rear bump stop plate50
CHS291Strip channel door bottom86
CHS292Hinge post rep. R112
CHS293Hinge post rep. L112
CHS294Tie plate ext. R106
CHS295Tie plate ext. L106
CHS300Bracket wiper motor118
CHS302Gutter front R138
CHS303Gutter front L138
CHS304Gutter rear 2-d. R138
CHS305Gutter rear 2-d. L138
CHS306Gutter rear 4-d. R138
CHS307Gutter rear 4-d. L138
CHS308Bracket rear wing Trav. R131
CHS309Bracket rear wing Trav. L131
CHS310Bracket rear post Trav. R111
CHS311Bracket rear post Trav. L111
CHS705¼ panel inner front R72
CHS706¼ panel inner front L72
CHS707¼ panel inner rear R105
CHS708¼ panel inner rear L105
CHS712Floor front R175
CHS713Floor front L175
CHS714Floor rear R185
CHS715Floor rear L185
CHS716Spring hanger rear R224
CHS717Spring hanger rear L224
CHS718Crossmember end132
CHS721Closing panel Traveller R54
CHS722Closing panel Traveller L54
CHS723Rear inner wing rep. R221
CHS724Rear inner wing rep. L221
CHS725Rear apron Traveller266
CHS725ARear apron to tank Trav.314
CHS726Rear apron saloon240
CHS726ARear apron to tank saloon296
CHS730Panel side rep. R150
CHS731Panel side rep. L150
CHS732Sill outer 2-d. R162
CHS733Sill outer 2-d. L162
CHS734Sill outer 4-d. R162
CHS735Sill outer 4-d. L162
CHS736Cloacking panel R46
CHS737Cloacking panel L46
CHS738Door skin rep. 2-d. R226
CHS739Door skin rep. 2-d. L226
CHS740Door frame rep. 2-d. R170
CHS741Door frame rep. 2-d. L170
CHS744Sill outer Traveller R152
CHS745Sill outer Traveller L152
CHS939Chassis leg rep. not hand.226
CHS940Chassis leg rep. R321
CHS941Chassis leg rep. L321
CHS942Sill outer Van R172
CHS943Sill outer Van L172
CHS944Centre crossmember R146
CHS945 Centre crossmember L146
CHS946 Centre crossmember cent.266
CHS947Rear bump stop chassis154
CHS948Towing bracket chassis83
CHS949Plate shock abs. crossme.96
CHS950Support bracket R134
CHS951Support bracket L134
CHS952Floor support van/pick up98
CHS954Dash brace conv. RH131
CHS955Dash brace conv. LH131
COM102Shaft with lever62
COM105APedal shaft84
COM106Spacer clutch pedal18
COM110Bush rubber10
COM115Relay shaft100
COM117Retainer bearing18
COM127Pedal clutch LHD432
COM127AShaft clutch pedal153
COM128Lever clutch LHD32
COM131ARubber ?M?16
CZA1605Subframe rear 11-13003327
CZH3062Part innerwing RH Clubman530
CZH3063Part innerwing LH Clubman580
CZH3064Part innerwing RH Mini560
CZH3065Part innerwing LH Mini560
DCH102Stricker plate62
DCH103Plate ? pin ? dovetail134
DCH104Plate ? socket138
DCH106Door stop RH66
DCH107Door stop LH66
DCH112Stricker plate78
DCH114Escutcheon front 4-d. R102
DCH115Escutcheon front 4-d. L102
DCH116Escutcheon rear 4-d. R270
DCH117Escutcheon rear 4-d. L270
DCH200Distance piece upper R52
DCH201Distance piece upper L52
DCH202Distance piece lower R52
DCH203Distance piece lower L52
DIF201Bracket rear axle R96
DIF202Bracket rear axle L96
DIV125Roof rack850
DIV125AFastener roof rack96
DIV125BRubber pad24
DIV125CFastener kit255
DIV127Fan aircondition 
DIV131Tool drain plug diff.70
DIV132Bracket for bins 
DIV136Bracket engine hoist44
DIV137Plate under door handle110
DIV138Stone guard rear wing R455
DIV139Stone guard rear wing L455
DIV140Convertible kit Herald8800
DIV142Plate under door handle 4-d.110
DIV300Seat cover set3188
DIV400Car cover saloon1224
DIV401Car cover Traveller1288
DIV501Bolt number plate DK28
DIV901Ashtray wood128
DLK110Handle ass. Lock. R528
DLK111Handle ass. Non locking L528
DLK112Spring and Barrel RH60
DLK112LSpring and Barrel LH60
DSH117GGlove box fibreglass R166
DSH118GGlove box fibreglass L 
DYN113Pulley dynamo136
EXC1003Rubber sealing Van96
EXC1004Rubber sealing pick up106
EXC108Channel regulator R246
EXC109Channel regulator L246
EXC110Rubber strip door bottom22
EXC110AMetal strip door bottom22
EXC110BRubber under door bottom36
EXC111Weatherstrip ventilator18
EXC115Channel regulator 4-d. FR246
EXC116Channel regulator 4-d. FL246
EXH104AWasher 6
EXH110Exhaust fitting kit86
EXH111Fish tail exhaust pipe107
EXT1002Rubber rear doors Van246
FAS101Bracket square nut8
FAS102¼? BSF square nut6
FAS103¼? UNF square nut6
FAS1045/16? BSF square nut6
FAS1055/16? UNF square nut6
FUL101GFuel tank1040
FUL101VGFuel tank van1040
FUL102ESender unit early680
FUL125AFiller pipe Traveller98
GCP100GGearbox cover SV FG240
GCP101GGearbox cover 803cc FG260
GCP102GLGearbox cover LHD298
GCP102GRGearbox cover RHD298
GCP103Cover master cylinder60
GEX7228Bracket exhaust16
GEX7424Mounting exhaust Van89
HNG550Plate tapping door pillar up96
HNG551Plate tapping door pillar lo90
HTR109Hose heater78
HTR112Grommet air intake53
JCK102Starting handle216
JCK103Wheel brace186
LKG103Socket locking rod Trav.48
LKG500Bracket R 
LKG501Bracket L 
LKG504Door check kit one door 
LMP117 Base rear lamp 803cc R119
LMP118Base rear lamp 803cc L119
LMP130PLens for LMP128128
LMP146Lamp assembly interior160
LMP157AHead lamp rim extended643
MMT1057Wood assy. under rear door 
MNT101Engine mounting front40
MNT106Bracket engine mount. R160
MNT107Bracket engine mount. L160
MNT111Cross member gearbox520
MNT111ACross member Van530
MNT116Nut gearbox mounting34
MNT120Gearbox mount. rubber46
MNT131Bracket for cable48
MNT150Bracket anchor to body118
MNT155Plate reinforcing19
MUDMud flaps142
PAN102AGValance fibreglass early380
PAN102GValance front fibreglass380
PAN105Stud bumper rear R301
PAN106Stud bumper rear L301
PAN109Ferrule rubber16
PAN110GValance rear fibreglass380
PAN114VRubber bumper van 1098cc95
PAN117Ferrule rubber Traveller16
PAN118Bolt bumper blade 
PAN124GWing front RH fibreglass582
PAN125GWing front LH fibreglass582
PAN128GWing rear RH fibreglass420
PAN129GWing rear LH fibreglass420
PAN130GWing rear Traveller RH fibreglass360
PAN131GWing rear Traveller LH fibreglass360
PAN140Grille radiator Low Light2968
PAN140AGrille front series II3036
PAN141Radiator cowl assembly664
PAN142GGrill surround fibreglass300
PAN146RBoot lid repaired >1963998
PUP101Rear body pick up17999
PUP102Body pick up38600
PUP103Drivers cabin pick up 
PUP110Rear plate drivers cabin pick up4819
PUP111Rear lid pick up3200
PUP112Bracket rear body to cabin328
PUP113Bracket rear lid pick up 
PUP114Peg & chain for rear lid 
PUP115Chain with leather kit247
PUP116Hinge rear lid pick up246
RAD104Pipe overflow24
RAD108Hose bottom92
RAD109Hose bottom with outtake82
RAD110Hose top62
RBK111Spring steady 
RGF104Sealing strip rubber14
RGF105Grille finisher694
STR127Tie rod466
STR137Seal rack44
SUS104Bush rubber6
SUS106Pivot cup washer74
SUS108Washer eyebolt thick22
SUS108AWasher eyebolt thin16
SUS113Ring sealing fulcrum pin7
SUS114Tie rod kit211
SUS114ATie rod86
SUS115Fork tie rod118
SUS118Bush rubber9
SUS119Washer cup8
SUS121Bracket rebound check60
SUS122Bump stop R55
SUS123Bump stop L55
SUS126Washer locating lever18
SUS128Plate adjuster36
SUS143Pivot shock absorber 66
SUS144Bush rubber6
SUS145Washer pivot rear24
SUS146Washer tab pivot rear6
SUS152Seal rubber14
SUS157Pin fulcrum44
SUS702Link rear shock absorber122
SUS703Bush rubber5
SUS708U-bolt 7 leaf 28
SUS709U-bolt 5 leaf28
SUS710Buffer rear axle56
SUS711Plate locating24
SUS712Pad seating rubber18
SUS713ABracket rear shock absorber van148
SUS715Bolt dowel39
SUS716Piece distance9
SUS718Plate rear shackle22
SUS802Bracket rear spring 2 leaves37
SUS803Bracket rear spring 3 leaves41
SUS804Bracket rear spring 4 leaves49
TOY1Pedal car 
TRM122BPlywood plate headlining156
TRM122CPlates headlining early2420
TRM701Capping door pull34
TRM806Clamp seat18
VAN1Van body shell42650
VAN2Van rear body19052
VNT104Ventilator assy. R701
VNT105Ventilator assy. L701
VNT108Fastener ventilator R 
VNT109Fastener ventilator L 
VNT110Pin fastener ventilator18
VNT111Strip glazing ventilator18
VNT116Capping corner48
VNT119AKit ventilator fitting128
VNT120AScrew ventilator fitting chrome16
VNT128Rubber sealing18
VNT138Rubber lower48
VNT152Ventilator RH 
VNT153Ventilator LH 
WHL108Bracket spare wheel197
WHL108ABracket spare wheel pick up 
WHL109Bolt for WHL10839
WPR114AKnob wiper axle 
WPR119CBush wiper box56
WPR201Coil field 2 speed372
X31121Ring gear starter s/v830